About Me

Random Stuff About K-E-R-E-N

☑ People-watching.

☑ Wattpad Reader & Aspiring Writer.

☑ Blogger.

☑ Dancer.

☑ Frustrated Singer.

I ♥ Purple, Black & Blue.

I ♥ Chocolate & Strawberry.

I ♥ Finding The Perfect Taste of Ice Cream.

I ♥ Java Chip Frappuccino.

I ♥ Cookie Monster & Sylvester the Cat

I ♥ Guitars and Drums.

I ♥ The Sound of  Piano.

I ♥ Music

Shy, Quiet, Straightforward, Silly and looks like a Snob Person around strangers, but still a Great Friend for the few who get to know me better.

Sometimes i gave cold and serious expression towards to others.
But behind the cold image, hide a vulnerable little girl who liked to cry so much.

” Surround yourself with the right people who love you for what you are.”